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Distributed Task Management
What is Distributed Task Management?

By Distributed Task Management I mean that a Project or task is planned and detailed at multiple levels by different people. Normally if you have 1 project manager, that person collects or determines all the activities and tasks needed to finish the project. These activities or tasks need not be in fact should not be very detailed, these need to be just descriptions of modules of work to be done by a person or a small group of people. After that determination these activities/tasks are delegated to the responsible group. But all the time the main task status/planning data remains with the project manager who updates it periodically to control the project.

In Distributed Task Management every team member has the project management software. When a task or activity is delegated to the member the software automatically gets it from the central project repository and each team member sees the updated tasks he/she is responsible for. Now every member has control over their tasks and they can refine each task and schedule them according to other tasks and priorities in other projects or other life activities.

Each team member organizing their tasks this way provides feedback and status updates automatically to the central project activity repository.

This way of working will have multiple advantages:

  1. Every team member uses a standardize way to mange their activities across various projects so can estimate and schedule their time better across multiple projects
  2. Every team member updating their work done or task schedules provides automatic overview of project progress to the project manager, eliminating many unnecessary hours in long status meetings.
  3. All project data is available for future similar projects and more intelligent estimates can be made for future projects, even heuristically.
  4. Gives each team member control and a feeling of ownership on the activities assigned to them.


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